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What happened to Nautical Shack?

Sadly, the Nautical Shack website was on a server that was hit by an attack.  A poor choice of hosting caused us to be unable to get assistance from the hosting provider after many long hours spent on the phone and weeks spent waiting for assistance.

We have decided to start from scratch and move to a new hosting provider.  The good news is that the performance on our new servers is MUCH faster.  The bad news is that we are starting from scratch.  Please be patient.  We hope to bring you an even more engaging website and even better content!

Where is the podcast?

Ahh, the podcast.  It's unfortunately the case that the iTunes feed was hosted on the old server and is going to need a rebuild.  this will be the first priority on the new server.  In the meantime you can get the back episodes from YouTube on our YouTube Channel!
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